Our Experience in digital media and marketing is extensive

Here at Eight Points Digital, we are a brand new company

 However that does not mean we are without experience!

Our available consulting staff includes veterans of the Media and Advertising business with over 100 years of experience, ranging from time spent at Major Advertising Agency’s, to the Wall Street Journal, Trade Journals, PC Magazine, National Cinemedia and Local TV and Cable firms.

So whatever your company’s area of expertise, chances are we’ve at some point in time worked in it too.


About Us

Our Founder Ian Owen-Ward


Eight Points Digital Inc was founded by Ian Owen-Ward in June 2018. 

Ian has over 26 years of Advertising experience, most recently being the SVP/ Head of Digital for National Cinemedia from 2010-17 and most recently Launching the Consumer Engagement Co as CO Founder in February 2019.

Prior to that Ian worked for The Newspaper National Network as Head of Digital Development, The Ziff Davis Company as Associate Publisher of PC Magazine and CMP Media as Regional Director for Internet Week. 

Ian started his Career in The UK with VNU Business Publications in 1992 on PC Week and PC Magazine, going on to run Magtrack Ltd his media research company which he sold in 1998 to Harvey Research Inc before traveling the world extensively, arriving in the US just before the millennium celebrations.

Having achieved success for every media company he has worked for, settling here and becoming a citizen in 2007, Ian has created a company that uses his and the teams extensive experience in the digital marketing space, allowing others to use this experience to benefit other companies with strategies for Legacy to Digital growth.

Ian true specialty is helping legacy media companies with strategies and executions to enable them to utilize digital channels to enhance their legacy opportunity, to both replace lost revenue to the digital disruption that has been rampant in the media marketplace but also build new lines of business.

He also assists Digital start ups.

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Mobile, Laptop, with data, location based, social, text, connected, we cover it all

Eight Points Digital is your digital expert, let us help you find a path into the digital world.

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