We help traditional media companies with digital transformation

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What is Eight Points Digital?

We are here to help our clients navigate the digital marketing space;

We primarily consult with Legacy Media companies.  They have been Print or On screen, In-Theater,  TV or even Radio. We specialize in helping legacy media companies transition and expand into the digital space, using their unique hook and specialist experience, providing them with solutions to reach their audience in the newer world of digital marketing, without diluting their legacy efforts.  

We also advise digital start ups which keeps us at the bleeding edge of the Digital Marketing world.



We stay focused on the fundamentals, so that our clients get best possible performance from their advertising investment, we do what is uniquely right or essential for each client, there are no cookie cutter methodologies.



We value discussion so all parties truly understand the realities and desired outcomes. We use dialogue to educate each other as to need and requirement, ensuring all agreements to act that all parties are true stakeholders and not confused in any way



We value openness and truth. Specifically meaning we give internal and external stakeholders the data needed so that they can make solid decisions

We look from all Eight Points of Digital



We are thoughtful and treat our clients strategies and money as if it were our own

Making the most from what you already have


We want to make the most out of your clients digital advertising dollar, using these values to guide us and ensure your clients reach new people that are right for your content and business

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